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Home Automation System

With a 5-star stay is just a touch away. Guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, and music, schedule wake-up scenes, request valet service, and morefrom one intuitive remote

Now Occupied

Upon check-in, the system triggers an “Occupied” room state, adjusting the temperature to an ideal level as guests head to their room.



Our solution brings high level of comfort for guests enabling them to easily communicate with hotel staff to create a room environment according to their own needs

Access control

Climate control

Shutter control

Lighting control


Our modern world is full of smart technologies connecting our gadgets and smart accessories, and it was only natural that our buildings were destined for the same fate. Smart buildings provide solutions, improve efficiency, reduce consumption and reduce energy costs. The use of sensors built into infrastructure and data collected in smart buildings allows for a significant improvement in the management of buildings.

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Smart Cities are about digital and cyber-physical platforms that enable people, institutions and machines to connect, collaborate and resolve complex problems of the 21st century.

Residential BUILDINGS

We help you to make your residential building more comfortable and enables you to control everything from your place.

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