Entertainment Systems

Home Entertainment provides solutions with elegant design, combining aesthetics, comfort and quality to create classic, ambient lighting control, equipment and materials that highlight architectural spaces, music, entertainment and window treatments, all controlled with keypads, touch screens and everyday smart phones and tablets.

Home cinema

A custom home cinema is not something that comes in a box that you buy at the store. It is an experience that takes creative minds to design and careful planning and execution to properly implement into your home

A home cinema is supposed to be a work of art that adds a layer of luxury and elegance to your movie-loving lifestyle ,Fatnet has many years of home cinema experience and is trained in all the latest surround sound and visual technologies to ensure you have the most positive experience possible with your home cinema. Grab some popcorn, sink into a big comfy recliner and immerse yourself in a professionally-designed 3D sound-scape of your favorite film.




Enjoy music all around your home. A multi-room audio system allows you to listen to different music in different rooms and at different volumes.With multi-room audio, you make use of one set of source equipment all around the house.

 Imagine listening to the news while you make dinner, background music in the lounge, or your favorite tunes on your balcony or terrace with friends.


Control your home from any device. Our clients love the ability to create atmosphere with light and recall those presets, as desired. Some of our clients simply appreciate the ability to conserve energy by automatically switching off equipment that is not in use.

Imagine arriving home at night and triggering a path of lights from your smart phone through the hall and down to the kitchen without having to fight with light switches on the way!