about us


Fastnet is a leading innovative Smart Solutions provider and integrator for homes and businesses in Saudi Arabia, Established in Riyadh 2010 , with the primary purpose of becoming a leading supplier of the highest quality intelligent home and building solutions available, Fastnet are committed to supplying the very best branded systems to our clients, whilst delivering exemplary levels of customer service and technical support.


Smart Building Specialists

We offer world-leading integrated technology solutions for homes, businesses and public sector buildings. Also known as ‘Smart Homes’ or ‘Smart Buildings’, we are experts in the installation of advanced high-performance technical systems to automate tasks that would normally be carried out by people. Specialists in the integration of the finest building automation, home control and low current systems, our bespoke technical solutions can control all aspects of the building’s functionality at the touch of a screen – from keeping rooms at the preferred climate to providing lighting and heating that only comes on when a room is occupied.

Cutting-edge multimedia, security and Safety

We can also provide cutting-edge security systems through to state of the art-multi-room systems. Designed to give the property the ultimate factor, our stunning multi-room Audio will give our clients access to any of their media and audio systems so they can watch films, play music, or even view your CCTV on any TV in your property. As well as offering greater reliability and convenience, our Smart Home and Smart Building solutions increase energy efficiency, whilst reducing energy bills and maintenance costs.